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Tribal Village A Psychedelic Adventure… Presents:

3 Days Outdoors!

@ Colebrook ParkKingstanding Way, Southborough Royal Tunbridge Wells – Kent TN2 3UP United Kingdom

Tribal Village is the playground of the wanderers, the explorers, the mystics and the magicians. It is where our subconscious guides us in search of a story, where we find new beginnings, or where journeys complete their circle.
Tribal Village is our collective space, to explore the infinite realms of consciousness, and to re-discover our human experience from which we are disconnected. It is where the universe travels around us, instead of us traversing the universe. It is where we can explode and re-construct, where we can invigorate our imagination, and it is where we can suspend our fears and glimpse freedom, for a moment.
Take the road through Tribal Village! A hiatus from your long adventure is due; we have enchantment to share and tales to tell, wonder to bestow and people to meet.

Three Arenas:
Tribal Floor (Hosted by Free-Spirit Records & Free Earth Festival, Greece)
Village Floor
Ethnic Floor
Full On Trance
Ethno Music
Down Tempo
Chill Out
Ethno Music
Pagan Folk
Tribal Music
Art exhibitions
Healing Area
Amazing deco & cutting edge production by Urban Tribe, Dan LeCatt & Tribal Village Crew
Clear Sounds
Face & Body Painting
Video & Photography
Good vibes…!

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— MUSIC ARTISTS (confirmed so far) —

TRISTAN 3 hours extended set, OOOD, JourneyOM, M-Theory, Tron, Touch the Earth, Flying Sorcerers (Hypnocoustics + Aphid Moon), OM-Theory, Nikki S, D-ther, Young KIM, Merlin’s Apprentice, Chameleon, John Phantasm, Shane Gobi, Savage Circuit, Strophoria, Contineum, C.K. Montez, Liquid Rish, Bruce Almighty, N-kore, Van Nukem, Foose, Sati, Razzek, Sutekh, 7th Dimension, Neill Moore, Amaluna, Flibbertigibbet, Liquid Ross, PsyPirate, Mellonskop, SAS, Nahoj, Sneaky Voodoo, Fluorenzo, Bahar Canca, Ebru Al, Fordy, Paolo Tossio, Psyrenzo, Thallom, Fin, DJ Beholder…

… other Artists and full music program will be announced when they’ll be confirmed.

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@ Colebrook ParkKingstanding Way, Southborough Royal Tunbridge Wells – Kent TN2 3UP United Kingdom
1500 People Capacity (We Should Be Good)

Tribal Village


Relight the fire! The tribes are gathering…

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